24 Hour Daily Planner with Notes and Tasks List

This is a great planner template to be used! If you want to manage yourself in a proper way and want to well plan your daily tasks then this is a 24 Hour Daily Planner Template with a facility to add your notes and tasks that you must be looking for a long time. You can add you daily tasks according to the time you are going to do them. This Template also has a column to highlight or mark a task with a specific colour. You can also prioritize a task by ticking a check box. This Planner Template has been created in Microsoft Excel. So you can easily use this template on a computer that has MS Excel installed.

The list of some nice features that this Template has, are as below:

  • Add your daily Tasks / Schedules easily against the specific time
  • Add Notes for any tasks
  • Add colour coding for specific Tasks / Schedules
  • Add blocking of time slots
  • Prioritize your tasks by using the check box

Below is the preview and download link of this wonderful Planner Template

Download 24 Hour Daily Planner Template

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