Bill of Lading

Bill of lading is made when a shiped order gets at its destination and the things are unloaded. This is a next step of shipping services. These lading services sometimes are offered by the shipping company along with the shipping equipment. And in some cases these are acquired by a client on his own when the shipping order reaches to his told place. This bill of lading is the written record of the amount of money spent on the labor and other services used in unloading of the shipping order.

This billing template does not take much of time to fill in because the top and the lower part are written with the printed ink and the rules are stated as a policy of the company. One just needs to fill the order particulars and the template is complete in itself. No complicated design is given to the template. This is simple bill and needs no training for making its use effectively. Thus, it works like a coupon which needs simple filling.

Find the preview of this template as below along with the download link to download this Bill of Lading Template

Download Bill of Lading

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