Restaurant Menu

Every restaurant has a menu card. This menu card is a display of services provided by the restaurant. The menu card makes the choice of food easy and does not put a person in difficulty to think what to be eaten? Menu cards are the first things which are placed before customers when they enter in a restaurant. This is to tell them which food items are present at the moment and can be available right now. While on the other hand it is designed in a very simpler and compact way so that any customer can easily read it.

The prices of available items are also listed on it. So, customer doesn’t get confused about prices. Menu card makes it easy for customers to place an order and it also helps waiters to pick the order without any ambiguity. Menu card saves time of both parties i.e. of customer and of hotel serving team. The customer just takes it, selects his favorite dishes and places order. On the other hand, waiter doesn’t need to explain the available menu to every customer time and again. In short menu card gives modern look to the services of any restaurant.

This template is designed in MS Word and is easily editable. Find the preview image and download link to download this Restaurant Menu Template below

Download this template

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