Progressive Billing Invoice for Consultants

Billing Invoice is the showcase of the provided services by the company with the expense spent and divided in sub categories. Each consultant needs to know what has been spent on the complete project and which domain costs what? For answering such questions this is the best way of having a record of the prescribed projects with the hourly rate. The details enable to know and find out the field which takes the maximum.

The design of this invoice is very helpful while compiling the details. The top left corner is specified for the host company’s name, logo and address; below which is the space for the address of the person getting these services. The top right corner is the invoice number which is very important while maintaining a record. Below is the description of the project. It may be a number or the title of the project. Hourly rates and other descriptions are below. The address given on the last part of the invoice is the reference where the payment has to be made.

You can find  the preview of this template below to see if this is the template you are looking for


Click Here to download this Progressive Billing Invoice for Consultants

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