Sample Price Quotation Form without Tax Calculation

Price quotation is often demanded by the customers who wanted to obtain the services of the company. This price quotation is the reflective of the budget needed for the required services. The price quote is sent by the company to have the confirmation of the order by the customer. This price quote template does not need any additional designing on it. It provides complete description of what is offered by the company. The description includes the offer or the special package given by the company. The description helps out the customer to decide the given offer by the company.

This price quote draft is without tax calculations. This helps to take out the original amount and compare the ratios of the tax applied by the various companies. Thus; in this way, the original expense is known and the company sends the details to the customer for having a look at the amount charged by the description. The price quote can also be helpful for having a double check.

Screenshot of this price quote form can be seen as below along with the link to download this template

Download Sample Price Quote Template