Service Invoice with Hours and Rates

A service invoice with hours and rates is complete detailed informative document. It works as a spokesman for a company and everyone coming across the invoice can know about the provided services with the demanded rates by the company. One does not even need to make a phone call or visit an office for getting information for the desired services and knowing the rates. It is all complete in itself. The only thing is the safe keeping of the invoice is required by the client as for future contracts or for comparisons.

The design of the invoice is pretty helpful as the top left corner indicates the company name with the address below thus; making it the prominent thing on the paper. Exact below it is the space for the address and the name of the company to whom it has to be sent. The below tabular structure gives ample space for the description of the services. In front of it is the space provided for the hourly rate; the next is for the sum of the amount. You can also write optional notes below this area. In short, this is a simple and very easy to use Invoice Template.

Find the preview image and download link to this MS Word Invoice Template as below

Click Here to Download this Invoice Template