Tour Service Invoice

Tour Service Invoice is an invoice prepared to keep the record of all the customers and the details of their taken services offered by a company. The template has the company’s name and detail at the top left corner and makes it first thing to be noticed. Exactly below it is a place for customers’ details. The right top corner keeps the record of the contract made i.e. it has the invoice number, the date when the project is ordered and the date when it is supposed to be delivered. This invoice number makes it easy to track the details of the project if any customer brings in a complaint. The lower part of the template has a capacity of multiple projects to be recorded. The details of services provided are recorded in hours and the amount is written next to it.  In this way it makes a complete summary of the customer and his chosen project.

This Tour Service Invoice template is designed in MS Word 2007 and you can easily update any part according to your needs. The preview image and download link to this Invoice Template can be found as below

Download this Invoice Template

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