Sample Excel Packing List

A packing list is a receipt sent in order to receive the payment for the services provided through shipping. This is produced when equipment is asked to be transported via ship from one country to another. It is always legal and the shipping companies pay regular taxes to the government for the safe pass through. This packing list includes the details of the method and the number of the products being packed and sent to. Often small business owners do not offer it and mostly international brands or private owners are the customers to whom packing list is given as a proof to show the care with which the company has transported the order.

Here in this Sample Packing List template, the list has columns for the quantity, number and the weight of the product with the way it is being handled or packed. At the end net weight is provided and the total amount is charged by multiplying the price unit with the net weight. In this way, a client does not need to make waste time in calculations as the clear method is provided on the list.

This template has been created using Microsoft Excel and thus very easy to alter any part of the application. Preview image of the template and download link can be found as below

Download Packing List Template

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