Download 8+ Valentine’s Day Printables: Love Letters, Cards & More!

St. Valentine’s Day is marked on the 14th of February each year as an insignia of love and the relation prosperity.  The month has long been celebrated as a period of romance. The day holds many mysterious tales and is named after the famous ancient Roman saint Valentine. Red Roses, Balloons, and ribbons have become symbols and are rapidly used in the celebrations of this day.

Different Ideas for Cards & More

Concerning this special day, we have a few templates for you that you can use to make your day special. Find the details of them below.

01. Special Valentine Presentation

The special Valentine’s Day presentation is a classical yet simple template, especially for the PowerPoint presentations which can be used specifically on Valentine’s Day. The template has two hearts linked together by a line indicating the thread of trust that holds the two people together in love. The hands delicately holding the heart wrapped into ribbons, give the feeling of sharing your heart out to your loved ones. The template is all that you need to create a huge Valentine’s audience via a beautiful depiction of love on the PowerPoint.


02. Love & Rose – Valentine’s Day Slides

Beautiful PowerPoint slideshow to create a lovely presentation of your love for your valentine. You can make use of photos and poetry in this template to give something special to someone special.


03. Be My Valentine’s Card

“Please Be My Valentine!” Are you going to say these special words to someone this year? Then this template can help to make it easy for you. You can use your photo on the card with beautiful elegant colors and hearts background already in place there.


04. Red & Pink Photo Album

This is an awesome template to create a photo album for you and your Valentine’s Day. The use of different styles and frames for photos on each slide makes this template outstanding. Be creative while selecting photos to use in different frames if you want them to leave long-lasting memories of the day.


05. Sweetheart Love Award Certificate

Celebrate your love story with our adorable “Sweetheart Love Award Certificate”!  This printable template lets you shower your special someone with playful recognition for all the reasons they make your heart skip a beat.  Personalize it with heartfelt messages and present it as a unique and lasting token of your affection.


0.6 Valentine’s Day Shipping Labels

Spark joy with our adorable “Sweetheart Love Award Certificate”!  This customizable template is the perfect way to playfully recognize your significant other.  Highlight all the reasons they make your heart melt with personalized messages and create a keepsake that celebrates your unique love story.


07. Love & Hearts – Valentine Postcards

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with our charming collection of “Love & Hearts” postcards!  Find the perfect design to express your affection, from playful and lighthearted to sweet and sentimental.  Each postcard is pre-printed with adorable hearts and loving messages, ready for your personal touch.  Surprise your sweetheart with a heartfelt note delivered straight to their mailbox!


08. Valentine Letter Paper

Want to ditch the ordinary Valentine’s Day card? Craft a heartfelt letter with our “Valentine Letter Paper”!  This beautiful pre-printed stationery features romantic designs and prompts to spark your love-filled message.  Pour your heart out on these elegant sheets and create a lasting keepsake that expresses your deepest affection.